Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Rif. NEW UE LAW N. 2016/679

Dear Sirs,

Studio RilegatoaMano welcomes you on our website, and with the following Policy wants
hereby to give you all useful and necessary informations on usage a and storage of your
personal data.

Studio RilegatoaMano is a book bindery and book restoration Studio. With our website, we show you all our services, and also give you the opportunity to contact us through our “Contact form”.

With the observance of Studio RilegatoaMano of Law. UE 2016/679 (from now on “Law”), respecting art. 13 of the above-mentioned Law, we hereby give you all informations about about our use of your personal data, in observance of the Law.

Applicational Environment of the Privacy Policy report.

The following Privacy report protocols Studio RilegatoaMano uses of personal informations and private data received when legitimally sent to us from you. "Personal Informations" and "Private Data" include informations as name and mail-address collected from our website, Mailchimp and Etsy.

Usage and Storage of Informations

Studio RilegatoaMano (as title holder of information storage) collects informations that allow us personal identification when you send us your request through our “Contact form”. Your personal data, as contact information (name, surname, email) will be treated only following this Privacy Policy Law rule:

  • Use of name and email given to us, to reply you with our offer.

Data treatment

Your personal data will be treated following Privacy Law of confidentiality, transparency, and any other rule provided by art. 4 of the Law.

Data treatment will be fulfilled with digital and manual systems and instruments, to provide confidentiality, transparency, , to guaranteeconfidentiality and privacy of the abovementioned data following any rule provided by art. 4 of the Law

Data Transfer

Studio RilegatoaMano informs you that your Data will never be transferred.

Divulgation and Distribution of Personal Informations

Your personal information will not be divulged or published. All data freely given by you while sending your request (name, surname, email) will only be used by Studio RilegatoaMano staff in charge of answering you and will be used to send you our answer and contact you. Your data, will be given following Law requirements requesting access to data by Authorities to:

  • Answer to appearance warrants, judiciary orders, legal procedures or any legitimate request from the Autorities mandatory to be answered o to excercise any of the rights noted above or in defence against legal actions
  • To share, when necessary, those information for investigation,interdiction or against illicit activities, alleged frauds, situations of potential peril for people’s safety and integrity, violation of use conditions of offered services on Studio RilegatoaMano website or following Law requirements.

Data treatment of underage (less than 16 y.o)

With the present document, Studio RilegatoaMano inform you that in order to receive our reply your consent is mandatory, and that your consensive and spontaneous dispatch of you personal data will be considered as expressed consent based on your will to send us your request. Otherwise i twill be our task to request your consent to treat your personal information, with specific circular.

Your consent for marketing, advertisement or commercial communication is optional. After receving your expressed denial, you will not receive any of the above. Your spontaneous dispatch of a request to our email address or through our contact form will be considered as an explicit consent based on unmistakable facts represented by your explicit request.

Studio RilegatoaMano, informs you that in any moment you will be able to rescind your consent by informing us your intention to deny your consent prevoiusly given with written request addressed to firm owner and privacy title holder following the instructions described at the end of this policy.

Conservation and minimization of Data

Personal data will be stored along all the business relationship, or until receiving your express revoke following the procedures eplained in the previous paragraph. At the end of the business relationship, or after your explicit request, Studio RilegatoaMano is committed to cancel or destroy definitively your data and if explicitly requested, or whether established by Law, to give you confirmation of cancellation/distruction.

Your personal data could be cancelled partially whether non all necessary to legitimate business use.

Secrecy and Discretion

We commit to limit access to your personal information to all employers not in need to be in contact or work with those informations ot offer products or services or to develop their working tasks.

We commit to adopt security measures, such as electronic, phisic and procedural, in compliance of our law duties to protect all the information regarding your personal data

For more informations on security, including all adopted protection measures:

Rights of the Involved: Capo III artt. 12-23 Reg.UE 2016/679

In any moment you can exercise your rights regarding:

  • Access to your personal data;
  • Request and obtain modification or cancellation fo your personal data, or limiting their use;
  • Oppose to their utilization;
  • Portaility of data;
  • Revoke consent where appliable. The revokement of your consent do not jeopardize the legitimation of their use based on your consent given before your revokement;
  • Request a claim to the Privacy Guarantor (Garante Privacy).

For any other clarification or to claim your rights following Capo III artt. 12 – 23 you can send your request using the following instructions


  • Registered mail RR to Studio RilegatoaMano Corso del Piazzo 18, 13900 Biella (BI) ITALY

Title Holder for Data Treatment

Studio RilegatoaMano di Francesca Premoli Corso del Piazzo 18, 13900 Biella (BI)

The Law Supervison, whom you can contact to lay claim to all'Art. 12 and/or for any other enquiries, at Studio RilegatoaMano Corso del Piazzo 18, 13900 Biella (BI) is reachable writing to: